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Sandwiches are only served on Wednesday, Thursday and Sundays. 


Double Dip

Half Dip

Our "you can't stop eating" beer cheese dip, preservative-free beef sticks, soft and crunchy pretzels & fresh veggies- $14.99

Soft & crunchy pretzels- $7.99

Extra Soft Pretzel


Dusted Lake Perch

Either 8 oz. or 4 oz. in a light flour, then fried, served with scratch tarter or jalapeño tartar. 

White Cheese Curds

Better than the State Fair with our Signature Ranch- $9.99 / $6.99

Trempealeau Trio

3 beer battered shrimp, 3 chicken tenders & beer battered cold water cod bites with your choice of three of our scratch sauces- $19.99

Beer Battered Onion Rings

Hand cut, beer battered jumbo onions with signature Ranch- $7.99 / $4.99

Beer Battered Button Mushrooms

Beer battered jumbo mushrooms with signature ranch- $7.99 / $4.99

Signature Tenderloin Tips

House seasoned choice Angus beef, sautéed mushrooms & onions with au jus, & creamy hollandaise sauce (Gluten Free)- $18.99

Coulee Combo

A half order of cheese curds, onion rings & mushrooms with signature ranch- $14.99

Chicken Bites

Crispy with signature ranch or award winning BBQ sauce (Gluten Free)- $9.99

Sesame Ahi Tuna

Sushi grade rare tuna with wasabi, soy sauce & ginger served with crunchy cabbage (Gluten Free)- $19.99


Includes soup & salad bar with a choice of: baby reds, French fries, sweet potato waffle fries or fresh vegetable melody.

Upgrade your baby reds to SMASH: Smashed baby reds with bacon, cheese & sour cream (no substitutions)- $3.50 

Dusted Perch

8oz flour seasoned & fried, served with scratch tartar or jalapeño tartar - $22.99

Atlantic Cod

2 or 3 pieces beer battered or dusted with house or jalapeño tartar - $18.99 / $21.99

Ahi Tuna

8oz chargrilled with drawn butter, house seasoned with a side of garlic mayo, or sesame with wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce (Gluten Free) - $27.99 

Succulent Salmon

8oz chargrilled or house seasoned & a side of our garlic mayo (Gluten Free) - $23.99

Canadian Walleye

11oz pan or batter fried with our house tartar or jalapeño tartar - $26.99

Black Tiger Shrimp

3,6, or 9 pieces beer battered or broiled (Gluten Free) with sweet chili sauce or scratch cocktail - $16.99 / $21.99 / $24.99

Prime Rib

11oz or 14oz choice slow cooked black Angus beef (Limited Availability) - Market Price

Add Mushrooms & Onions


Add blue cheese and bacon


Add horseradish


Signature Tenderloin Tips

House Seasoned Black Angus beef in Au Jus, sautéed mushrooms and onions (Gluten Free) - $26.99 

New York Strip

16oz NY Strip chargrilled to your specification (Gluten Free) - Market price

Blue cheese & bacon crust

$ 6.00

House Seasoning


Fettuccini Alfredo

Pasta in home-style garlic cream sauce - $17.99 / $22.99

Add house seasoned chicken or shrimp

Add Vegetable medley 


Chicken Oscar

Breaded chicken layered with blue crab, smothered in hollandaise & topped with asparagus - $23.99


10 & under includes French fries & soup & salad bar & your choice of:

Chicken bites (Gluten Free), Burger, Dusted or battered fried cod, or Mac n Cheese (does not come with fries.) - $8.99


House seasoning (Gluten Free)- $1.50

Sautéed Mushrooms or Onions (Gluten Free) -$2.50

Bacon (Gluten Free)- $3.50

Blue Cheese (Gluten Free)- $3.00

Side Sauces- $0.75

BBQ, Ranch, Signature Ranch, Honey Mustard, Tartar, Jalapeno Tartar, Cocktail, Sweet Chili, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, Italian, Creamy Horseradish

3 shrimp (Gluten Free)- $5.99

Atlantic Cod- $7.99

3 Perch- $7.99

Walleye- $9.99

Side Salad (Server Prepares)- $4.50

Cup Soup- $3.99

Bowl Soup- $6.99

Fries or Sweet Potato Waffle Fries- $3.50

Asparagus with Hollandaise (Gluten Free)- $5.50

Vegetable of the Day- $4.50


Only served Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Served with French fries, sweet potato waffle fries or a cup of soup. Add soup and salad bar for $4.50

Walleye Sandwich

Pan-fried filet, lettuce, scratch jalapeno tartar on French bread- $15.99

Go Fish Sandwich 

Two pieces batter fried cod, lettuce & scratch tartar sauce or jalepeno tartar- $14.99

BBQ Ring Burger

Double patties, char-grilled, award-winning BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon & topped with onion rings-$14.50

Beedle Bruger

Double patties, char-grilled, mushrooms, fried onions, cheddar cheese & bacon- $14.50

Lem Special

Double patties, char-grilled, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato & bacon mayo- $13.50

Bacon Bacon Chicken

Grilled or batter fried chicken breast, lettuce, Swiss cheese, bacon, & bacon mayo on toasted bun- $14.50

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