Looking for a unique dining experience? Beedle’s Bar & Restaurants is just a short drive from Winona or La Crosse, but you will find our food and atmosphere well worth the trip! Read the testimonials below from some of our dining guests, and customers who have done private parties and events at Beedle’s.


You may not remember us. We were there about 6 weeks ago and had the BEST time. We were the couple that did NOT want to sit by a crying baby because we had a bad camping experience. We are camping again more toward Fountain City but we are driving over Friday night with another couple for dinner. Looking forward to dinner and fine cocktails.
Roger Stanford

My husband and I, and my family really enjoy what this restaurant has to offer. The new website shows all the information that is needed from the who the owners are, where they are located, when Beedle’s is open, what the restaurant has to offer and so much more. The photos are so clean, clear and bright showing exactly what Beedle’s restaurant is in Downtown Centerville, WI. Annie & Brad are always available to greet you when you arrive and say, “Goodbye & Thank You” when you leave and don’t let me even start on the customer service as it is outstanding along with the beautiful salad bar and great tasting food that you will want to come back to week after week to enjoy.
Sandy Erdman

The first time my husband and I walked through the door at Beedle’s, we were treated like family. I had called earlier to see if your establishment could accommodate some odd meal requests, and the staff was more than happy to oblige. After a major weight loss followed by what I consider rigorous athletic training – I have been very picky about what I eat. I have NEVER had to worry about food selection and making healthy choices at Beedle’s. Your soup and salad bar is the best in the area and is always fresh and delicious! When Jon and I come for a meal, we know we are getting a quality and great tasting home cooked dining experience.
Teri Tenseth Market
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“…Beedle’s is equipped to handle a good crowd and as an organizer of our reunion we would look at Beedle’s again before looking elsewhere.  The environment is friendly, clean, spacious,  welcoming, and wonderful all around. I have no problems recommending Beedle’s to anyone having a class reunion–perfect!!!”
Dionne M. KabatGET Class of 1992 Reunion Organizer
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“I have held both bridal showers and baby showers at Beedle’s Bar & Restaurant.  Each time the food and service was amazing!  Anne and her staff provided great service and delicious food.  Anne spent time creating a menu that center around my budget.  Not having to worry about setup and cleanup took a lot of stress away from me.  I was able to enjoy the celebration and not worry about the guests being taken care of.   I received so many compliments on how nice the showers were and how good the food was.  A big Thank You to the Beedle’s for helping to make those special memories!”
Lori Malavsky

“Winona Agency has held company gatherings at Beedle’s Bar & Restaurant.  We have brought business associates there for dinner and held our company’s employee appreciation party there.  For our employee appreciation party we had  Kentucky Derby theme. Anne spent time with us designing a menu and drinks that fit along with our Derby theme.  Anne and Brad were great hosts.  They made everyone well feel warm and welcomed.  I received many compliments on how good the food and service was and how everyone enjoyed themselves.  I would highly recommend Beedle’s Bar & Restaurant for your next company gathering!
Winona Agency

What a great place to hold a large gathering!!

We held our school retirement party at Beedles. Our group consisted of over 70 people. The service was very friendly and efficient for a group of our size. The food was awesome. It’s been requested that we hold our annual party at Beedles.
Kelly Halverson, Winona Area Public Schools