Guest Testimonial: Treated Like Family

The first time my husband and I walked through the door at Beedle’s, we were treated like family. I had called earlier to see if your establishment could accommodate some odd meal requests, and the staff was more than happy to oblige. After a major weight loss followed by what I consider rigorous athletic training – I have been very picky about what I eat. I have NEVER had to worry about food selection and making healthy choices at Beedle’s. Your soup and salad bar is the best in the area and is always fresh and delicious! When Jon and I come for a meal, we know we are getting a quality and great tasting home cooked dining experience.

We are always greeted with a smile and called by our first names – and this makes us feel like we belong. (Like Norm at Cheers!) Your staff is always courteous, genuine, and remembers you the next time you visit. Beedle’s is great for a night-out, a time to share with loved ones, or just because! We recently brought our family out for dinner, and the feedback was, “This is a nice place. This is a REALLY nice place” and that came from my Brother and my Sister-in-law from Texas. Trust me – Texans LOVE good food, and Beedle’s has it!
Teri Tenseth Market