Guest Testimonial: Hosting a party at Beedle’s

We recently received the testimonial below from a guest who hosted a class reunion at Beedles, and it’s too good not to share! Learn more about hosting an event at Beedle’s here.


In July 2012 the Gale Ettrick Trempealeau Class of 1992 held our 20 year class reunion at Beedles. We could not have been more pleased with our choice of location for this event. Annie was a pleasure to work with and open to our ideas for the reunion. I met with Annie about 10 months prior to our reunion to plan menu and find out what we needed to do on our end.

Bonuses of having our event at Beedles were many! For one, there was no money required up front. Which for most reunion planners can be a huge hassle. There was also no minimum bar tab and no minimum attendance requirement either. Annie even said we didn’t have to have real final numbers to her until about 2 weeks prior to our event!! Those few things helped planners so much!!

Beedles allowed us to bring in some decorations for our event and this was much appreciated.  There were 2 other events going on the night of our reunion, plus regular customers coming in and out, but there was no lacking of fast friendly service. Seriously, had I not been told other events were going on, I never would have known. Beedles was prepared for a crowd and it showed! Food was hot, delicious and served with speed. One guest of an attendee from out of state said it was the best Prime Rib she had ever tasted. Prices are also very reasonable, especially compared to other places in the area. The bartender even remembered which drink I was having so that I never had to ask. As an organizer of our reunion, I was met almost immediately at the door with a hug and hello, not something you get at just any location.

Beedles is equipped to handle a good crowd and as an organizer of our reunion we would look at Beedles again before looking elsewhere.  The environment is friendly, clean, spacious,  welcoming, and wonderful all around. I have no problems recommending Beedles to anyone having a class reunion–perfect!!!

Dionne M. Kabat  GET Class of 1992 Reunion Organizer